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Draft PutOnSheet.svg Draft_PutOnSheet

Menu location
Drafting → Put on Sheet
Default shortcut
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This tool allows you to put selected objects on a svg Drawing sheet.


  • Select objects you want to put on the drawing sheet.
  • Select the existing sheet name to send objects to. If there is no existing sheet, or you select 'Add New', a new sheet will be created. You can edit the 'Add New' entry to give a name to your new sheet.
  • Set the scale. Drawing sheets are always in millimeters, so for example if you work in meters, setting a scale of 5 will mean 1:200, 10 will mean 1:100, 20 will mean 1:50, etc...
  • Set the offset X and Y values. That is the distance between the page borders and the (0,0) point.
  • Set/adjust the Linewidth modifier. Higher value will result in thicker lines.
  • Set/adjust the Textsize modifier. Higher values will result in bigger texts.
  • If the "page WorkPlane" button is pressed, and the Working Plane is set (value different than "None"), that working plane is used as a projection plane to draw the objects on the page.
  • Press the blue arrow button, or press again the "Put to Sheet" button (or its shortcut)
  • If you selected an existing sheet, and the objects in the selection are already on that sheet (for ex. for a "Rectange" object there is already a "ViewRectangle" object on the sheet), they will be substitued. This allows you to simply select all the objects and send them to an existing page, which will simply be updated.

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