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Draft Drawing.svg Draft Drawing

Menu location
Drafting -> Drawing
Draft, Arch
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This tool allows you to put selected objects on a svg Drawing sheet. If no sheet exists in the document, a default one will be created.

Draft drawing example.jpg

How to use

  1. Select the objects you wish to put on a drawing sheet
  2. Press the Draft Drawing.png Draft Drawing button


  • Select objects you want to put on the drawing sheet. The tool will work best with flat 2D objects from the Draft or Sketcher modules.
  • If the selected object is an Arch SectionPlane, this tool will create an additional view of that section plane.
  • In the same selection, add the page object you want to draw your objects to. If there is no existing page, a new one will be created. If you didn't select a page but there is at least one in the document, the first found one will be used to draw to.
  • If you selected an existing sheet, and the objects in the selection that are already on that sheet (for ex. for a "Rectangle" object there is already a "ViewRectangle" object on the sheet), they will be substitued. This allows you to simply select all the objects and send them to an existing page, which will simply be updated.


  • DataFill Style: For closed shapes, allows to specify one of the Default Draft fill styles, or use the shape color.
  • DataFont Size: Allows you to specify the font size of texts and dimensions.
  • DataLine Width: Allows you to specify the line width of viewed objects.


The Draft Drawing tool can by used in macros and from the python console by using the following function:

makeDrawingView (object,page)
  • Adds a view of the given object to the given page.
  • Returns the created view object.


import FreeCAD,Draft
obj = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.ActiveObject
page = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.Page
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