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[[Image:Draft_Coordinates.png|Draft coordinates entered in the Taskview]]
[[Image:Draft_Coordinates_Taskview.png|Draft coordinates entered in the Taskview]]
[[Image:Draft_Coordinates_Taskview.png|Draft coordinates entered in the Taskview]]

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Draft Workbench tools allow you to pick points, distances, radiuses, and angles graphically by clicking on the 3D view with the pointer.

However, when these parameters need to be precise, it is possible to enter the desired values in the dialog for the tool.

Draft coordinates entered in the Taskview

Draft command bar

(November 2018) Since FreeCAD 0.17, the Draft Command bar is no longer the preferred Draft interface mode. Now the Taskview is preferred.

Draft Coordinates.jpg

Draft Coordinates Toolbar.png

The Draft command bar is an intelligent toolbar, which means its contents change according to the tool being used and the input required from the user. For example, when you use Draft Circle, the command bar will successively ask you for the center point, and then the radius value. Those two values can both be indicated by picking a point on the screen or by entering numbers.

Whenever you see input fields appearing on the command bar, you can enter numbers in them; moreover, you will see that those numbers reflect the movements of the pointer. You can TAB through the X,Y and Z fields to set the coordinates. Pressing ENTER in the Z field will record the point. Repeating the entry of new X, Y and Z coordinates will set the second point for a line and/or subsequent points for a wire.

The following shortcuts can also be used:

  • SPACE BAR to swap between absolute and relative coordinates
  • C to swap between original mode and copy mode
  • L to lock/unlock the Z coordinate
  • TAB or ENTER switches to the next field (for ex. from X to Y or from Y to Z)

Sometimes, it can be hard to align objects when working in 3D space. You can lock the Z coordinate, so you'll be certain that everything you draw will lie in the same horizontal plane. When you open FreeCAD, the Z coordinate is locked by default at 0.00, but you can easily change it, just unlock, change the Z value, and lock again. If Z coordinate is locked, you won't be able to draw in non-horizontal planes.

Most of the Draft commands now work in 3D, just unlock the Z coordinate and switch the view to the appropriate angle, and what you'll draw next will be aligned to that view.

Impose a decimal

By default, FreeCAD works with two decimal places, to change the number of decimal places, you must:

  • add a new integer element Decimals in the menu Tools → Edit parameters... → BaseApp → Preferences → Units
  • make right click in the window and select New integer item → create name Decimals and enter the number of decimal places you want.
  • then click Save to disk, to validate your change.
  • close and return to FreeCAD to activate your changes.

PreferencesDecimals 01 en.png