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Draft Circle.svg Draft_Circle

Menu location
Drafting → Circle
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Draft Arc


This tool draws a circle by asking for two points, the center and the radius, by picking tangents, or any combination of those.

Draft Circle example.jpg


  • The primary use of the circle tool is by picking two points, the centre and a point on the circumference, defining the radius.
  • By pressing ALT, you can select a tangent instead of picking a point. You can therefore construct several types of circles by selecting one, two or three tangents.
  • Picking a point on an empty area of the 3d view, or on an existing object.
  • Pressing CTRL will snap your point to availible snap locations.
  • Pressing SHIFT constrains your movement.
  • Enter numbers to manually insert a coordinate.
  • Pressing ESC cancels the function.
  • The newly created line will take the current linestyle.


The created circle is a Part feature containing one edge with only one vertex.

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