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Please note that FreeCAD has still not reached a version 1.0 status in our view, and might not be ready for production use. Nevertheless multitudes of users use it. To find out if FreeCAD is appropriate for your project, please check out the FreeCAD forum.

Current Stable Version

The first 0.17 release of FreeCAD (0.17.13509) was published 2018-04-06. The bug fix release 0.17.13528 was published 2018-07-13. To find out what's new, see the release notes.

Windows.png Windows 32 bits
Windows.png Windows 64 bits
Mac.png Mac 64-bit AppImage-logo.png AppImage (Linux) 64bit

Notes for Windows users

  • The 32-Bit installer (x86) supports the following versions of Windows: 7/8/10.
  • The 64-Bit installer (x64) supports the following versions of Windows: 7/8/10.

Notes for Mac OS X users

Unfortunately due to build problems, the currently available FreeCAD version is 0.17.13519. Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan is the minimum supported version.

Notes for GNU/Linux users

FreeCAD can be installed from most Linux distributions official repositories, but the version they provide might be quite dated and be missing many features. Instead you can download the linked AppImage above, mark it as executable and launch it without installation. Please see the Install on Unix page for more installation options, including how to get up-to-date packages for Ubuntu and derivatives .

Development Versions

FreeCAD's development is always active! Do you want to check out the 0.18 development release? Get it on the FreeCAD releases page.

Additional Modules and Macros

The FreeCAD community provides a wealth of additional modules and macros. They can now easily be installed directly from within FreeCAD using the Addon manager.