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Inne sposoby aby pomóc projektowi (dokumentacja, tłumaczenie).


  • There is an official FreeCAD team account; donate via credit card, Paypal or SEPA bank transfer. Any money received here is split equally among the listed developers. This is the best option as it helps developers directly.
  • There is a Bountysource account; donate money to the FreeCAD project as a whole, or offer a "bounty" to address a specific issue or bug. This is an interesting option because your donation can be used specifically in a particular area. However, using the Bountysource money is a more complex process for us, and there might be a delay between donating and seeing your donation used effectively.


  • Mogą istnieć inni programiści zainteresowani wykonaniem określonej pracy dla projektu; jeśli chcesz przyspieszyć rozwój pomysłu lub funkcji, rozważ zatrudnienie programisty. To do Ciebie należy opracowanie pomysłu, omówienie go na forum i znalezienie programistów zainteresowanych zrobieniem tego. Możesz zaoferować pracę na podforum ofert pracy.
  • Mile widziane są również prace modelarskie. Nie każdy doświadczony użytkownik FreeCAD jest programistą. Doświadczeni użytkownicy mogą pomóc w migracji projektów do FreeCAD, co przyczynia się do popularyzacji oprogramowania w organizacjach. Zobacz FreeCAD używany w produkcji.


At the moment FreeCAD is a very small project with a limited team of developers. Most of us have day jobs, and work on FreeCAD during our free time. Having more money would not change this situation significantly. However, some of us have a more flexible work schedule where money can make a difference.

There is also the problem that we have no structure (foundation, association, NGO, etc.) to collect money. Setting up such a structure represents a huge effort (lawyer, accountant, reports, administrative tasks). The small team of FreeCAD would spend all its time doing this instead of developing, even if we could collect enough money to support it. This article explains the problem pretty well. We are however evaluating joining an umbrella organization, which may remedy the situation greatly.

This is the time of crowdfunding, where all kinds of projects and ideas can sometimes raise a lot of money and interest. Why not invent something new that could be done for FreeCAD with money, or help with finding better solutions? Feel free to discuss it on the forum, About funding and all that.