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Время для завершения
5 minutes
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This tutorial walks you through how to create a Toolbar button and one or more buttons that connect you to your favourite macros or to other associated links whether there a custom icon or not.


1 : Click Menu → Tools → Customize


or put you on a Toolbar and click the right mouse button

Click the right mouse button

the window Customize appears

The window Customize appears

2 : select the tab Macro

3 : to select an toolbar icon for your macro click the Pixmap button (labelled ... )

Select an toolbar

4 : search for an icon amongst the icons already in FreeCAD,

5 : if your icon is not here then click the Add icons... button for adding one or more icons in your library (collapse to see)

Add icon

5b : you will get a file selection window, select your image file which must be in the PNG format and must be 64x64 pixels

Get a file

6 : select your icon and click the OK button

Select your icon

7 : the icon you selected is now displayed next to the Pixmap button labelled ...

Your icon is displayed

8 : Choose your macro and specify a Menu text (which will appear as the text label in the menu); also fill in the Tool Tip (which is the text that will appear when a mouse is over the button on the toolbar); there are other optional fields for your Button

9 : Click the button Add

Click the button

10 : your button is created

Your button is created

11 : create a Toolbar for the button

12 : click the tab Toolbars and your workbench (here Part)

Since version 0.15 there is a Freecad.svg Global toolbar. If your toolbar is attached to this bar, it will always remain visible

Tab Toolbabs

13 : in left window select the Tab Macros and "Macros"

Tab Macros > Macros

14 : now your macro and it's icon appears

Your icon appears

15 : Click the button New... (you can choose your ToolBar here the ToolBar is attached to the Part Workbench)

Click the button New

16 : in the window "New Toolbar" enter the name for your ToolBar and click OK

Enter the name for your Toolbar

17 : your ToolBar has now been created - make sure you check the checkbox so the toolbar will actually appear

18 : select your macro with it's icon in the left window and then click the Button with the right pointing arrow

Select your macro

19 : you have now created a toolbar called "Camera"

20 : click the Close button


21 : your new ToolBar with it's button is now both displayed above the active window as well as the right-click menu from the toolbars

New Toolbar

22 : enjoy !

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