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==Notes for Python based functions like those in Draft==
If you want to use a Draft or other Python based function in a toolbar they don't seem to be available in the drop down list at the left side. You first have to load the corresponding workbench, e.g. Draft, and then you will find the functions available when selecting "Python" in the left drop down menu.
See also [[Interface_Customization|Interface Customization]].

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This tutorial shows you the customization of toolbars. Tools (inclusive Macro-tools) can used in different workbenches. In an example a Macro becomes a Macro-tool by creation of a Menu text, a Tool tip and an Icon. Afterwards this Macro-tool becomes part of an extra toolbar in a workbench.


1. Find the Customize Menu

  • Click Main Menu → Tools → Customize,

  • or right click on any toolbar.
Right mouse click

  • The Customize window appears.
The Customize window appears

2. Make a Macro to a Macro-Tool

  • Select the "Macro" tab.
  • To add an icon for the provided macro click the Pixmap button (labelled ... ).
Select a toolbar

  • Search for an appropriate icon from amongst FreeCAD's existing icons,

      [or add your own icon by clicking Add icons...].                  (expand for an example)

Add icon

     [You will get a file selection window, select your custom image file (PNG format, 64x64 pixels)]

Get a file

  • Select your icon and click OK.
Select your icon

  • The icon you selected is now displayed next to the Pixmap button labelled ....
Your icon is displayed

  • Select the provided macro in line Macro:' and specify a Menu text: (which will appear as the text label in the menu); also fill in the Tool Tip': (which is the text that will appear when a mouse is over the button on the toolbar); further lines are optional.
  • Click the button Add.
Click the button

  • The button of the macro-tool is now created.
Your button is created

3. Create a toolbar outside the workbench Macro which contains the created Macro-tool

  • Select the Toolbars tab and choose the workbench (for which the toolbar is provided) in the drop down on the right (Part in this example).

     [Since version 0.15 there is a  Freecad.svg Global  toolbar. If this is selected, the provided toolbar will be in each workbench.]

Toolbars tab

  • In the dropdown on the left select Macros.

  • The macro-tool with its icon appears in the list.
Your icon is listed

  • Click the button New...
Click on "New"

  • In the window "New Toolbar" enter the name of the provided extra toolbar for the Part Workbench and click OK
Enter the name for your toolbar

  • The toolbar is now created.
  • To add the creadet macro-tool to this toolbar, select it in the left window and then click the Button with the arrow pointing right.
Select your macro

  • You have created now a toolbar called "Camera" (with the Macro-tool Camera in it)
  • Click the Close button.

  • Your new toolbar is now contained in the toolbars' right-click menu. Its Icons (in our example only the camera) are visible, if the toolbar is activated (blue checkmark).
New Toolbar


See also Interface Customization.