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Curves ParametricComb.svg Curves ParametricComb

Menu location
Curves → Comb plot
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The Curves ParametricComb.svg Curves ParametricComb can help to visualize the regularity or smoothness of a curve as well as the continuity between two curves. Note: A comb is only for visualization.

A 3D comb will be created for 3D curves. Sample and scale can be changed. This tool is part of the external workbench called Curves.

Curves ParametricComb demo.jpg

Above: shows the before (left) and after (right) application of the ParametricComb AKA Comb plot tool


  1. Switch to the Curves workbench icon.svg Curves workbench (install from AddonManager.svg Addon Manager is necessary, if not previously installed)
  2. Select an object in the tree view (sketch, wire...) or one or several edges in the 3D view (use CTRL key)
  3. Invoke the Curves ParametricComb command several ways:
    • Press the Curves ParametricComb.svg button
    • Use the Curves → Comb plot
  4. A comb is created, showing the curvature of the selection.


  • This tool functions as a visual aid.