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Jeśli chcesz współtworzyć FreeCAD i wykorzystać swoją energię do rozwoju tego projektu, istnieje wiele sposobów, aby pomóc. Poniżej znajdziesz różne możliwe zadania, do których możesz się przyłączyć.

Niniejsza strona jest w trakcie budowy, śledź informacje na temat przebiegu prac na tym forum. Każda pomoc będzie mile widziana: recenzja, literówka, pisanie. Główną inspiracją dla tej strony jest strona fedory.

People Person

If you like to help FreeCAD to go forward, one of the easiest way is to promote this project. FreeCAD needs ambassadors to reach a larger public. You can simply start talking about FreeCAD with your relatives and close friends. Also, don't hesitate to share a video or a tutorial in the social medias or your personal website. You can then explain the philosophy behind this FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and/or demonstrate the possibilities of this CAD system (Computer-aided design).

If you want to get more involve, you can hold a stand or make a presentation link to FreeCAD at a FOSS conference close to where you live. The procedure is very simple, just ask the permission in the open discussion section of the forum. At this occasion, if you can, please share in advance your slides, or at least the objectives. It will reassure the community of your intentions, and you should even get some constructive comments. Because the project FreeCAD is relatively new, there is no easy-to-use standardized promotional materials (templates, posters, stickers, goodies ...), but you can find illustrations, great showcases and tutorials and videos in the forum.

Also, you can help other users in the FreeCAD support page getting along with the software. If you would like to help in the marketing, by for example elaborating a strategy, please get in contact with the designers of the project via the forum.

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Other languages:
Deutsch • ‎English • ‎français • ‎italiano • ‎polski