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Este artículo describe el Marcado de FreeCAD. Marcado significa comenzar tu propia aplicación basada en FreeCAD. Esto puede ser sólo tu propio ejecutable o pantalla de bienvenida pantalla de bienvenida hasta un programa completo adaptado. En base a la arquitectura flexible de FreeCAD es sencillo de utilizar como base para tus propios programas de propósito especial.


La mayoría del marcado se realiza en MainCmd.cpp o MainGui.cpp. Estos proyectos generan los archivos ejecutables de FreeCAD. Para crear tu propia Marca simplemente copia los proyectos Main o MainGui y dale al ejecutable un nombre diferente, e.g. FooApp.exe.

 int main( int argc, char ** argv )
   // Name and Version of the Application
   App::Application::Config()["ExeName"] = "FooApp";
   App::Application::Config()["ExeVersion"] = "0.7";
   // set the banner (for loging and console)
   App::Application::Config()["CopyrightInfo"] = sBanner;
   App::Application::Config()["AppIcon"] = "FooAppIcon";
   App::Application::Config()["SplashScreen"] = "FooAppSplasher";
   App::Application::Config()["StartWorkbench"] = "Part design";
   App::Application::Config()["HiddenDockWindow"] = "Property editor";
   App::Application::Config()["SplashAlignment" ] = "Bottom|Left";
   App::Application::Config()["SplashTextColor" ] = "#000000"; // black
   // Inits the Application 
   App::Application::Config()["RunMode"] = "Gui";
   Gui::BitmapFactory().addXPM("FooAppSplasher", ( const char** ) splash_screen);
   return 0;

The first Config entry defines the program name. This is not the executable name, which can be changed by renaming or by compiler settings, but the name that is displayed in the task bar on windows or in the program list on Unix systems.

The next lines define the Config entries of your FooApp Application. A description of the Config and its entries you find in Start up and Configuration.


Image resources are compiled into FreeCAD using Qt's resource system. Therefore you have to write a .qrc file, an XML-based file format that lists image files on the disk but also any other kind of resource files. To load the compiled resources inside the application you have to add a line


into the main() function. Alternatively, if you have an image in XPM format you can directly include it into your main.cpp and add the following line to register it:

 Gui::BitmapFactory().addXPM("FooAppSplasher", ( const char** ) splash_screen);

Branding XML

In FreeCAD there is also a method supported without writing a customized main() function. For this method you must write a file name called branding.xml and put it into the installation directory of FreeCAD. Here is an example with all supported tags:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 	<WindowTitle>Foo App in title bar</WindowTitle>
 	<CopyrightInfo>(c) My copyright</CopyrightInfo>
 	<MaintainerUrl>Foo App URL</MaintainerUrl>
 	<ProgramLogo>Path to logo (appears in bottom right corner)</ProgramLogo>
 	<WindowIcon>Path to icon file</WindowIcon>
 	<ProgramIcons>Path to program icons</ProgramIcons>

All of the listed tags are optional.

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