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This article describes the Branding of FreeCAD. That is how to give FreeCAD a unique look.

Program Name


All image resources are compiled into FreeCAD. This reduces delayed loading and keeps the installation compact. The images are included in XPM-Format which is basically a text format that uses C-syntax. You can basically draw this images with a text editor, but it is more comfortable to create the images with your favorite graphics program and convert it later to XPM format.

For conversion you can use the ImageConv tool wich is included with freecad. You can find it under


It can not only convert images but also automatically update the BmpFactoryIcons.cpp file, where the images are registered.


The main application icon FCIcon that appears in window titles and other places is defined in


Replace it with your favourite icon, recompile freecad and the next step to create your own brand is done. There are many other icons in this file that you might change to your gusto.

Splash Screen

The splash screen image, that is also used for the About Box