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Here is the artwork that has been created for FreeCAD. Feel free to reuse in other applications. If you would like to contribute with icons, please read the artwork guidelines.

Otros iconos


Iconos del ambiente de trabajo utilizados en la wiki

Workbench Arch.svg Workbench Complete.svg Workbench Draft.svg Workbench Drawing.svg Workbench FEM.svg Workbench Image.svg Workbench Inspection.svg Workbench Mesh.svg Workbench OpenSCAD.svg Workbench Part.svg Workbench PartDesign.svg Workbench Path.svg Workbench Plot.svg Workbench Points.svg Workbench Raytracing.svg Workbench Reverse Engineering.svg Workbench Robot.svg Workbench Ship.svg Workbench Sketcher.svg Workbench Spreadsheet.svg Workbench Start.svg Workbench TechDraw.svg Workbench Test.svg Workbench Web.svg


FreeCAD05 Tango Face-angel.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-blush.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-crying.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-devil-grin.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-glasses.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-grin.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-grin-braces.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-kiss.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-plain.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-sad.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-smile.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-smile-big.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-surprise.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Face-wink.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Anaglyph.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Applications-games.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Applications-ristretto.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Dialog-error.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Dialog-warning.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Measure.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Process-stop.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Text-x-python.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Camera-photo.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Preferences-system.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Camera-video.svg FreeCAD05 Tango Applications-graphics.svg FC Christmas.svg

Pantallas de bienvenida

See Artwork Splash screen.

Iconos por su localización en el código fuente

Desde src/Gui/

See Artwork Gui.

From src/Mod/Arch/

See Artwork Arch.

From src/Mod/Assembly/

See Artwork Assembly.

From src/Mod/Complete/

See Artwork Complete.

From src/Mod/Draft/

See Artwork Draft.

From src/Mod/Drawing/

See Artwork Drawing.

From src/Mod/Fem/

See Artwork Fem.

From src/Mod/Image/

See Artwork Image.

From src/Mod/Inspection/

See Artwork Inspection.

From src/Mod/Material/

See Artwork Material.

From src/Mod/Mesh/

See Artwork Mesh.

From src/Mod/MeshPart/

See Artwork MeshPart.

From src/Mod/OpenSCAD/

See Artwork OpenSCAD.

From src/Mod/Part/

See Artwork Part.

From src/Mod/PartDesign/

See Artwork PartDesign.

From src/Mod/Path/

See Artwork Path.

From src/Mod/Points/

See Artwork Points.

From src/Mod/Raytracing/

See Artwork Raytracing.

From src/Mod/ReverseEngineering/

See Artwork ReverseEngineering.

From src/Mod/Robot/

See Artwork Robot.

From src/Mod/Sketcher/

See Artwork Sketcher.

From src/Mod/Spreadsheet/

See Artwork Spreadsheet.

From src/Mod/Start/

See Artwork Start.

From src/Mod/Surface/

See Artwork Surface.

From src/Mod/TechDraw/

See Artwork TechDraw.

From src/Mod/Test/

See Artwork Test.

From src/Mod/Tux/

See Artwork Tux.

From src/Mod/Web/

See Artwork Web.

External workbenches and addons

From Mod/Plot/

See Artwork Plot.

From Mod/Reinforcement/

See Artwork Reinforcement.

From Mod/Ship/

See Artwork Ship.

Erroneous icons

See Artwork Erroneous.