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{{GuiCommand|Name=Arch Survey|Workbenches=[[Arch Module|Arch]]|MenuLocation=Arch -> Survey|SeeAlso=[[Macro FCInfo|FcInfo (macro)]]}}
{{GuiCommand|Name=Arch Survey|Workbenches=[[Arch Module|Arch]]|MenuLocation=Arch -> Survey|SeeAlso=[[Macro FCInfo|FCInfo (macro)]]}}
==Description== <!--T:2-->
==Description== <!--T:2-->

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Arch Survey.svg Arch Survey

Menu location
Arch -> Survey
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
FCInfo (macro)


The survey tool enters a special surveying mode, which allows you to quickly grab measures and information from a model, and transfer that information to other applications. Once you are in Survey mode, clicking on different subelements of 3D objects gathers the following information, depending on what you click:

  • If you click on an edge, you get its length
  • If you click on a vertex, you get its height (coordinate on the Z axis)
  • If you click on a face, you get its area
  • If you double-click anything, therefore select the whole object, you get its volume

When such a piece of information is gathered, three things happen:

  • A label is placed on top of the element you clicked, that displays the value (with "a" for area, "l" for length, "z" for height, or "v" for volume)
  • The numeric value is copied to the clipboard, so you can paste it in another application
  • A line is printed on the FreeCAD output window. After you exit the survey mode, those lines can be copied and pasted in another application (the values are comma-separated, making it easy to convert to spreadsheet data)

Arch Survey example.jpg

The above image shows what happens when running the survey mode.

How to use

  1. Press the Arch Survey.png Arch Survey button
  2. Click on vertices, edges, faces or double-click to select whole objects
  3. Press ESC or the Cancel button to exit survey mode and remove all the labels.


The Survey mode cannot be used directly from python scripts, but gathering the same information from any selected Part-based object is easy reproduced with the following script:

 import FreeCADGui
 selection = FreeCADGui.Selection.getSelectionEx()
 for obj in selection:
    for element in obj.SubObjects:
        print "Area: ", element.Area
        print "Length: ", element.Length
        print "Volume: ", element.Volume
        print "Center of Mass: ", element.CenterOfMass
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