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Arch Roof.svg Arch Roof

Menu location
Arch -> Roof
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Arch Roof2


The Roof tool allows you to create a sloped roof from a selected face. Any face of any shape-based object can be used, and the created roof object is parametric, keeping its relationship with the base object. Please note that this tool is still in development, and might fail with very complex shapes.

Arch Roof example.jpg

How to use

  1. Select an existing face
  2. Press the Arch Roof.png Arch Roof button, or press R then F keys


  • DataAngle: The slope angle of the roof
  • DataFace: The face index of the base object to be used


The Roof tool can by used in macros and from the python console by using the following function:

makeRoof (baseobj,[facenr],[angle],[name])
Makes a roof based on a face from an existing object. You can provide the number of the face to build the roof on (default = 1), the angle in degrees (default=45) and a name (default = roof).


import Arch, Draft
rect = Draft.makeRectangle(2,4)
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