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Ubicación en el Menú
Arquitectura -> Piso
Entornos de trabajo
Entorno de Arquitectura
Atajo de teclado por defecto
Introducido en versión
Ver también
Arch Celda


The Arch Floor is a special type of FreeCAD group object that has a couple of additional properties particularly suited for building floors. Particularly, they have a height property, that its children objects (walls and structures) can use to set their own height automatically. They are mostly used to organize your model.

How to use

  1. Optionally, select one or more objects to be included in your new floor
  2. Press the Arch Floor.png Arch Floor button or press the F then L keys


  • After creating a floor, you can add more objects to it by drag and dropping them in the Tree View or by using the Arch Add.png Arch Add tool
  • You can remove objects from a floor by drag and dropping them out of it the Tree View or by using the Arch Remove.png Arch Remove tool


  • DataHeight: The height of the floor, to be used by its child objects


The Floor tool can by used in macros and from the python console by using the following function:

 makeFloor ([objectslist])

creates a floor including the objects from the given list.


 import Arch
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