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This workbench is not actively developed or maintained, but looking for developers and maintainers.


A complementary workbench for FreeCAD whose main goal is to provide tools to facilitate the modelling of wooden constructions (frame, timber frame, etc ...). This is a fork from FreeCAD-Timber (Jonathan Wiedemann wood-galaxy), which is no longer maintained.



  • Create beams with advanced positioning
  • Create panels with advanced positioning
  • Attributes, used to select and filter objects (name, groups, sub-group, material, type ....) easily
  • Select and show by attributes
  • Listing for invoices and production list


Wood Frame comes with the following tools:

  • Add a layer to the document: objects added to a layer can share the same visual properties
  • Add a wood beam. To move insertion point, use the Numpad.
  • Add a wood panel. This tool operates similarly to Add beam, but with panel size restriction. To move insertion point, use the Numpad.
  • Cut an object with a plane
  • Cut an object with a line with a normal work plane
  • Copy object: duplicates an element.
  • Stretch tool: select an end of a beam and add or remove to its length
  • Edit the attributes of existing objects (name, groups, sub-group, material, type...)
  • Select or hide elements in the 3D view by their specific attributes.
  • Create wood beams listing: Generate a Spreadsheet listing of the different materials selected in the 3D view
  • Edit attributes
  • Select by attributes
  • Align camera-view on the current Work plane: Align view from current work plane,
  • Create exporter container: Create volume which contains objects to export, and configure views
  • Add view to a container for export
  • Export views to DXF: Export container views in a DXF file

Further resources


To install this external workbench from GitHub, go to the Addon manager and click on Configure, then add https://github.com/JeromeL63/Wood-Frame as a custom repository. Refresh addons list then add Wood Frame.

Wood Frame is compatible with Freecad 0.19dev.