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This page is a translated version of the page Wished tools and the translation is 38% complete.
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Je commence cette page pour tenter de recueillir les souhaits des utilisateurs finaux sur les outils spécifiques qu'ils aimeraient trouver dans FreeCAD. Plusieurs utilisateurs de CAO ont déjà discuté avec moi des outils de CAO, de ce qu'ils utilisent le plus, de ce qu'ils aimeraient voir dans FreeCAD, de ce dont ils ne pourraient pas se passer, etc... Bien que FreeCAD ne soit pas destiné à remplacer spécifiquement tout autre logiciel de CAO célèbre (en particulier celui qui commence par Auto et se termine par la CAO), je pense que cela peut devenir une bonne référence pour connaître les attentes des utilisateurs finaux, et peut-être pour donner la priorité à certaines choses par rapport à d'autres dans le développement.

Si vous êtes un utilisateur de CAO et que vous souhaitez ajouter des éléments ici, n'hésitez pas à les éditer, nous serions heureux d'avoir votre avis ici.

2D drawing

  • Line: Draws a line - see Draft Line.
  • Construction Line: Draws a line at any angle infinitely - should be easy if possible in coin. To be investigated
  • Polyline: Line with as many points as you like until command is ended - see Draft_Wire.
  • Polygon: dependant on no. of sides
  • Rectangle - see Draft Rectangle.
  • Arc - see Draft Arc.
  • Circle - see Draft Circle.
  • Hatch: Be able to fill an area with technical-style pattern (oblique lines, etc...) - Under investigation
  • Make and insert Blocks: That is in FreeCAD two things: be able to group elements in one object (compound?) - see Draft Upgrade - and be able to instantiate those objects (several documents objects share same shape?)
  • Text - see Draft Text. To be extended to more complex stuff...
  • Display Order: That is showing coplanar objects in desired order. Not sure this is possible, though... Maybe, in a 3D world, we should rethink the way we draw 2D objects, and consider those "overlapping" objects differently (= draw them differently). To be discussed...
  • Erase - see Std Delete.
  • Copy - see Draft Move.
  • Copy with base point - see Draft Move.
  • Multiple copy: Copy an object several times from same base point
  • Paste
  • Paste as Block
  • Offset - see Draft Offset.
  • Move - see Draft Move.
  • Rotate - see Draft Rotate
  • Array: interesting, could be merged with copy tool...
  • Stretch
  • Trim - see Draft Trimex, but could be extended
  • Extend - see Draft Trimex, but could be extended
  • Chamfer
  • Fillet (with angle input) - implemented in Fold module
  • Explode: Explodes blocks/lines - see Draft Downgrade.
  • Dimension - see Draft Dimension
  • Angle Dimension - planned in Draft module
  • Arc Length - planned in Draft module
  • Diameter - see Draft Dimension
  • Radius - see Draft Dimension
  • Continue Dimension: continues a running dimension - planned in Draft module
  • Views: Top, Bottom, Right, Left - see Std View Menu.
  • View: Isometric views - see Std OrthographicCamera.
  • Model Space and Paper space - see the Drawing Workbench - Model space = Where the model is drawn, Paper space = tabs with different setups that can be plotted. (tab can be drawn in and has viewports made by closed polylines or shapes that view into the model space.) you need to be able to click in and out of model space so you can set up the paper with boders and title boxes. The view needs to be scaled as needed ie. 1:50 or 1:100 - planned in Drawing module
  • Drawing units: All drawing units should be mm - this is a quite special topic, there are many things to be considered. To be discussed further.
  • Thread - PartDesign workbench. Feature Hole: correct functionality of bore depth according to ISO 6410–1 standard
  • Thread - normative correct simplified presentation of cross section in Techdraw according to ISO 6410–1 standard
  • Fillet - PartDesign workbench: elimination of rounding problems

Mesh modeling

  • Primitives: Cubes, spheres etc. - present but no toolbar button
  • Convert Part objects into meshes - present but no toolbar button
  • Flip mesh normals - present but no toolbar button
  • Close holes in meshes - present but no toolbar button
  • Remove faces of meshes - present but no toolbar button
  • Boolean operations: Union, subtract and intersect meshes - present but no toolbar button

Part modeling

  • Primitives
  • Mesh conversion to Part shapes
  • Boolean operations
  • Extrude flat shapes
  • Fillet edges of shapes

Parametric modeling

  • Custom properties for all objects: so scripts and exporting to other software can carry additional information
  • Python objects: 100% python-scripted objects - see Scripted objects.

Architecture modeling

  • Wall
  • Window
  • Door
  • Beam
  • Slab
  • Roof
  • Assemblies