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Why are you changing my translations?

Hi Maker,

I noticed you are changing my translations done recently. I am not very sure if this is proper way to talk to you, but I am not here from many time, and I do not know much about how to procced in some cases, I asked but nobody answered me. So I had the impression that there were very few people translating into spanish.

I tried to translate only pages that seemed to be outdated since many time ago or without translation, just in case. I would like to talk to you if you do not mind. Si quieres hablamos en español, no sé si es obligatorio escribir en inglés. I hope you answer me. Thank you

OK. So let us talk in English. Thank you for your reply, but I would like you to answer my request, the reason why you are changing my translations. By today, I have already translated around 30 pages, and I think I am doing a good job, but if you do not think so, maybe you should tell me, or even we can discuss it, but not doing by your own. I am feeling very disappointed, if my job is changed every time I have done it, maybe it is a loss of time and not worthy, and maybe I should stop doing it and give it up. It is a pity, because as you told me, there is a need of spanish translations, and I was willing to improve the lack of it, so there are millions of people speaking Spanish in the world that could appreciate making the program understandable for them. It would be great if we could work together in doing so and doing it in the same direction. I wish you answer me and we can reach an agreement. Thank you,