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Edit of Std_PrintPdf

Dear Kunda1,

Regarding the limitations: Can it be that you are confused by the limitations of the TechDraw DXF export?

You have added another link to the 3D_View. IMO having one on the page (Description) should be enough.

I have to admit that I am surprised by your edits (less than 5 minutes after my last change). The "In progress banner" is there for a reason. See here:

Regards, Roy.

Ideas for projects

Wiki Markup Cheatsheet

  • Test 1
3 def quickSort(arr):
4     less = []
5     pivotList = []
6     more = []
7     if len(arr) <= 1:
8         return arr
  • Test 2
def quickSort(arr):
    less = []
    pivotList = []
    more = []
    if len(arr) <= 1:
        return arr

Edit of Part_Box

Dear Kunda1,

You have added that the Part_Box command was introduced in V0.14. This is not correct as the command already exists in V0.13. You probably only meant the different default label. IMO "Version=0.14" should be removed from GuiCommand.

Regards, Roy.

Roy, Thanks for the heads-up, I think I was mislead by Part_Box#FreeCAD_-_Version. Should I change the GuiCommand to Version=0.13 then? Kunda1 (talk) 16:08, 7 February 2020 (CET)

Dear Kunda1,

I would remove Version=0.14 i.o.w. leave that version 'blank'. I don't now when Part_Box was introduced. I suppose it was earlier than V0.13. Compare Part_Cylinder.

EDIT: I see you have already changed and moved the content of the 'Version' paragraph. This is indeed better!

Regards, Roy.

Roy, I just re-edited and removed the 0.13 version to '?'. Thanks for your feedback. ;) Kunda1 (talk) 16:32, 7 February 2020 (CET)