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About me

My name is Roland. I am working as a mechanical engineer in Research & Development in a german company producing valves.


FreeCAD is FUN ! It's amazing to see how good developed it already is.
It just lacks of support/documentation ...
That's where I decided to do tutorial videos and help with the wiki.
My german tutorial video channel has already nearly 300 subscribers and I get a lot
of positive feedback.
I know from experience how helpful it is to get a certain workflow shown on-screen with explanations.
This movtivates me to continue support ...

Relevant experience in CAD

Well, I am now in my mid-fourties ...
During study time i was working with ME10 and ME30 on Unix (now is PTC Creo Elements Direct).
I also learned to know Draftboard Pocket and Vellum (I bought a license for ViaCAD Pro but gave up beacause of the
too complex user interface, too much bugs and too less documentation).
I learned also to use AutoCAD.
In 2002, the company I work for decided to switch to 3D and so we bought Solidworks with one license Solidworks FlowSimulation
and since 2009 one license Solidworks Simulation.

Relevant experience in CAD/Programming

Well, during study time I did quite some work with the macro language of ME10 and ME30.
My bachelor thesis was about programming in TURBO PASCAL.

After a quick look at some of the Python macros in the library that looks at least quite interesting.

FreeCAD Design Projects

Uh, oh ... since I model mostly for my personal joy don't expect too much there.
But I downloaded quite a lot of plans and have quite some ideas of projects so maybe i am able to contribute
something useful to the "User Showcase"-subforum

Features I'd like to see

Ah well, first task is to get to know Opencascade a little better to get some feeling what makes sense and what doesn't.