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Această pagină prezintă o selecție de tutoriale scrise de înaltă calitae. O listă completă și nesortată de tutoriale puteți găsi la : Category:Tutorials.

vizitați Offsite tutorials și Video tutorials pentru lista tutorialelor găzduite pe site-uri externe. O sursă utilă de tutoriale video este,YouTube.

If you'd like to contribute with writing wiki documentation and tutorials, see the general wiki guidelines in WikiPages, and read the tutorial guidelines.

Please notice the version of FreeCAD used in the tutorial as some tutorials may use an old version of the program. Although the general modelling process may still work, some tools may have changed.

Architectura și Construcții Civile și industriale

Modelarea Pieselor

FreeCAD furnizează două fluxuri de lucru la modelarea pieselor: combinarea obiectelor (o metodă numită constructive solid geometry (CSG)) utilizând Part workbench, sau utilizând metoda de editare feature cu Atelierul PartDesign PartDesign workbench. Vă rugăm să notați că PartDesign work flow s-a schimbat considerabil de la v0.17 încoace: unele dintre tutoriale trebuie updatate.

 * folosind modelarea parametrică și editarea caracteristică cu PartDesign workbench.

Please note that the PartDesign Workbench workflow was considerably changed from FreeCAD 0.17 onward; some of the tutorials haven't been updated and may refer to the 0.16 version.

The Raspberry Pi project has made simple tutorials that are easy to follow, particularly for those new to CAD systems:

Desen 2 D și Sketching

Desenul Technic


CNC & 3D Printing


Robot workbench

Atelierul Robotică


These are tutorials that are related to scripting or programming. They are geared towards more experienced users, who are already somewhat familiar with the program.

Tutorials - Comprehensive list

Here are listed all the tutorials that are not in the manual regardless of their quality. If a tutorial is listed in the Category:Tutorials and not in this table please insert it.

Tutorial Topic Level Time to complete hh:mm Authors FreeCAD version Example files

Add FEM constraint tutorial M42kus
Add FEM equation tutorial JohnWang
Aeroplane Part Workbench Beginner 0:10 Hughthecat No
Analysis of reinforced concrete with FEM Reinforced concrete with FEM Intermediate 1:00 HarryvL 0.19 or above
Arch panel tutorial Modeling an architectural panel Beginner 1:00 Yorik
Arch tutorial Modeling Intermediate Yorik 0.14
Basic Attachment Tutorial Sketch attachment Beginner/intermediate 01:00 Bance 0.17 and above Basic Attachment Tutorial.FCStd
Basic modeling tutorial Introduction to modelling Beginner 0:15 NormandC Any None
Basic Part Design Tutorial Modeling Beginner Mark Stephen (Quick61) and HarryGeier 0.17 or above Basic Part Design for v0.17
Basic Sketcher Tutorial Sketcher Beginner 1:00 Drei and Vocx 0.19 Basic Sketcher tutorial
Basic TechDraw Tutorial TechDraw Workbench Beginner WandererFan 0.17 and above Basic Part Design for v0.17 Sample Basic TechDraw Tutorial Sample
Code snippets Python Beginner
Creating a simple part with PartDesign Modeling Beginner 1:00 GlouGlou 0.17 or above Creating a simple PartDesign Body.FCStd
Customize Toolbars Beginner 0:05 Mario52 Any None
Draft ShapeString tutorial Product Design Beginner 0:30 r-frank and vocx 0.17 and above Draft_Shapestring_Text
Draft tutorial Drafting Beginner 0:30 Drei and vocx 0.19 Draft tutorial updated
Drawing Template HowTo (obsolete) 2D Drafting Intermediate 1:00 Mark Stephen (Quick61) 0.14.3700 or above None
Drawing tutorial (obsolete) Blueprints / Drawings Beginner 0:15 Drei 0.16 or above
Dxf Importer Install Intermediate 0:05 Mario52 Any None
Engine Block Tutorial Part Workbench Beginner 1:00 Andrewbuck40 0.14.3700
Export to STL or OBJ Export to STL or OBJ Beginner 0:20 r-frank 0.16.6703
Extend FEM Module M42kus
FEM Beginner tutorial FEM Beginner tutorial Beginner thschrader 0.17.11622+ Whiffle Ball
FEM CalculiX Cantilever 3D Finite Element Analysis Beginner 0:10 Bernd 0.16.6377 or above
FEM Shear of a Composite Block Finite Element Analysis Beginner/Intermediate 0:300 HarryvL 0.17.12960 or above
FEM tutorial Finite Element Analysis Beginner 0:10 Drei 0.16.6700 or above
FEM Tutorial Python Finite Element Analysis Intermediate 0:30 Bernd 0.18.15985 or above
FreeCAD-Ship s60 tutorial Ship Workbench Beginner
FreeCAD-Ship s60 tutorial (II) Ship Workbench Beginner
How to install additional workbenches Programming Medium programmer 0:15 r-frank Any None
How to install macros Programming Medium programmer 0:15 Mario52 Any None
Import from STL or OBJ Import from STL or OBJ Beginner 0:30 r-frank 1.0 0.16.6703
Import OpenSCAD code Import OpenSCAD code Beginner 0:30 r-frank 0.16.6704 None
Import text and geometry from Inkscape Import text and geometry from Inkscape Beginner 0:30 r-frank 0.16.6704
Import/Export IFC - compiling IfcOpenShell Arch Workbench Advanced 2:00 Pablo Gil
Measurement Of Angles On Holes TechDraw Workbench Beginner 0:01 AnHi 0.19
PartDesign Bearingholder Tutorial I Product design - Bearingholder #1 Beginner 60 minutes NormandC
PartDesign Bearingholder Tutorial II Product design - Bearingholder #2 Beginner 60 minutes NormandC
PartDesign tutorial Sketcher Beginner 0:15 Drei 0.16 or above
Path Walkthrough for the Impatient Path Workbench Chrisb
Plot Basic tutorial Plot Workbench Basic Tutorial Beginner
Plot MultiAxes tutorial Plot workbench Intermediate
Post-Processing of FEM Results with Paraview Post-Processing of FEM Results with ParaView Intermediate 2:00 HarryvL 0.19 Beam and wall
Python scripting tutorial Programming Intermediate
Raytracing tutorial Raytracing Beginner 0:010 Drei 0.16 or above
Robot 6-Axis Robot Workbench Intermediate
Robot tutorial Robot Workbench Beginner r-frank
Scripted Parts: Ball Bearing - Part 1 Part Scripting - Ball Bearing #1 Beginner 0:30 r-frank 0.16.6706
Scripted Parts: Ball Bearing - Part 2 Part Scripting - Ball Bearing #2 Beginner 0:30 r-frank 0.16.6706
Scripts Scripting Beginner onekk Carlo 0.19
Sketcher Micro Tutorial - Constraint Practices Sketcher Beginner 0:30 Mark Stephen (Quick61) and vocx 0.19 Sketcher Constraints practices
Sketcher reference
Sketcher requirement for a sketch Sketcher Beginner Maker None
Sketcher Tutorial Sketcher Beginner Ulrich
TechDraw pitch circle tutorial TechDraw Workbench Beginner 0:10 Andergrin 0.19 None
TechDraw TemplateHowTo TechDraw Workbench Intermediate 1:00 wandererfan 0.17 None
Thread for Screw Tutorial Product design Advanced 1:00 DeepSOIC, Murdic, vocx 0.19 Updated: Thread for screw tutorial
Toothbrush Head Stand Modeling Beginner 1:00 EmmanuelG 0.16 or greater Thingiverse 2403310
Topological data scripting Programming Intermediate
Transient FEM analysis Transient FEM analysis
Tutorial custom placing of windows and doors Architecture Intermediate 1:00 Vocx 0.18 or above None
Tutorial for open windows Architecture Beginner 1:00 Vocx 0.18 or above None
Tutorial FreeCAD POV ray Rendering Intermediate 2:00 Vocx 0.18 or above None
Tutorial Render with Blender Rendering Intermediate 1:00 Vocx 0.18 or above None
VRML Preparation for Robot Simulation Robot Workbench Intermediate 0.11.4252ppa1
Washers None
Whiffle Ball tutorial Product design Beginner 0:30 r-frank and vocx 0.17 and above WhiffleBall_Tutorial_FCWiki.FCStd
Wikihouse porting tutorial Wikihouse porting tutorial Intermediate/Advanced 1:00