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  • New roof tool: A new roof tool is now available in the Arch module, that allows you to quickly create sloped roofs from a selected face.
  • New window tool: Windows are now created directly on top of a flat shape that contains one or more wires, such as a rectangle or a sketch. If that shape was drawn directly on a wall face, the window will automatically cut an opening in the wall.
  • New sections system: It is now very simple to create 2D plans, sections and elevations from your model: Place a Section Plane object, orient it the way you want, edit it to include the objects it must see, and you are done!
  • New solid renderer: In addition to the OpenCasCADe-based wireframe 2D renderer currently used by the Drawing Module, the Arch module now features a new 2D renderer, that is able to render filled faces to a SVG Drawing sheet, giving much nicer 2D views.