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We will now prepare a set of views from our model, to be placed on a Drawing page. We can do that with the tools from the Drawing Workbench, as we have seen in the previous chapter, but the Arch Workbench also offers an all-in-one advanced tool to produce plan, section and elevation views, called Section Plane. We will now add two of these section planes, to create a plan view and an elevation view.

  • Select the building object in the tree view
  • Press the Arch SectionPlane.svg Section Plane button.
  • Set its Display Height property to 5m, its Display Length to 6m, so we encompass our house (this is not needed, but will look better, as it will show naturally what it is used for), and its Placement position at x:2m, y:1.5m, z:1.5m.
  • Check the list of objects considered by the Section Plane by double-clicking it in the tree view. Section Planes only render specified objects from the model, not all of them. The objects considered by the Section Plane can be changed here.