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Tool Description Tool Description
Part Box.svg Box Draws a box Part Cone.svg Cone Draws a cone
Part Cylinder.svg Cylinder Draws a cylinder Part Sphere.svg Sphere Draws a sphere
Part Torus.svg Torus Draws a torus (ring) Part CreatePrimitives.svg Create primitives Creates various other parametric geometric primitives
Part Shapebuilder.svg Shape builder Create more complex shapes from primitives Part Fuse.svg Union Fuses (unions) two objects
Part Common.svg Common Extracts the common (intersection) part of two objects Part Cut.svg Cut Cuts (subtracts) one object from another
Part JoinConnect.svg JoinConnect Connects interiors of walled objects Part JoinEmbed.svg JoinEmbed Embeds a walled object into another walled object
Part JoinCutout.svg JoinCutout Creates a cutout in a wall of an object for another walled object Part Extrude.svg Extrude Extrudes planar faces of an object
Part Fillet.svg Fillet Fillets (rounds) edges of an object Part Revolve.svg Revolve Creates a solid by revolving another object (not solid) around an axis
Part Section.svg Section Creates a section by intersecting an object with a section plane Part CrossSections.svg SectionCross Creates multiple cross sections along an object
Part Chamfer.svg Chamfer Chamfers edges of an object Part Mirror.svg Mirror Mirrors the selected object on a given mirror plane
Part RuledSurface.svg Ruled Surface Create a ruled surface between selected curves Part Sweep.svg Sweep Sweeps one or more profiles along a path
Part Loft.svg Part_Loft Lofts from one profile to another Part Offset.svg Offset Creates a scaled copy of the original object
Part Thickness.svg Thickness Assign a thickness to the faces of a shape