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Tool Description Tool Description
PartDesign Pad.svg Pad Extrudes a solid object from a selected sketch PartDesign Pocket.svg Pocket Creates a pocket from a selected sketch. The sketch must be mapped to an existing solid object's face
PartDesign Revolution.svg Revolution Creates a solid by revolving a sketch around an axis PartDesign Groove.svg Groove Creates a groove by revolving a sketch around an axis
PartDesign Fillet.svg Fillet Fillets (rounds) edges of an object PartDesign Chamfer.svg Chamfer Chamfers edges of an object
PartDesign Draft.svg Draft Applies angular draft to faces of an object PartDesign Mirrored.svg Mirrored Mirrors features on a plane or face
PartDesign LinearPattern.svg Linear pattern Creates a linear pattern of features PartDesign PolarPattern.svg Polar pattern Creates a polar pattern of features
PartDesign Scaled.svg Scaled Scales features to a different size PartDesign MultiTransform.svg Multitransform Allows creating a pattern with any combination of the other transformations
PartDesign WizardShaft.svg Shaft wizard Generates a shaft from a table of values and allows to analyze forces and moments PartDesign InvoluteGear.svg Involute gear wizard Allows you to create several types of gears