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Object transformation

  • Macro ArrayCopy: copies the selected object several times, on an array grid
  • Macro FlattenWire: flattens draft wires that are not plane to their median Z coordinate
  • Macro MeshToPart: converts selected meshes to parts
  • Macro JointWire: allows to find and joint all non connected edge to the closest non connected one using a line
  • Macro Remove parametric history: removes all parametric associativity from an object, leaving it as a "dumb" shape
  • Macro SuperWire: Forces the creation of a Wire from lines and arcs that don't necessarily touch each other. Use this if normal wire operation fails
  • Macro HealArcs: Sometimes arcs are transformed into BSplines, for example when scale operations have been applied to them. This macro recreates valid arcs from them. Useful before exporting to dxf
  • Macro FaceToSketch: Converts the selected Face to a single Sketch without constraints.
  • Macro EdgesToArc: Converts the selected Edges to a circular Arc if possible. Useful for restoring discretized arcs.
  • Macro CloneConvert: Creates a clone of the object and the converted in the chosen position and size (inch, mm, m, µm...). The base object is recognized in mm (FreeCAd base)