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Object creation

  • Macro makeCube.png Macro Make Cube : creates a cube from 4 points
  • Rita 2D funktion: Använd den för att rita en funktion som beskrivs av en "ekvation" [z=F(x)] (Z-X plan)
  • Macro Draw Parametric 2D Function: Based on the above macro, but for parametric and optionally polar equations.
  • Macro_Solid Sweep: creates a solid by sweeping a 2D profile along a trajectory previously selected in the 3D view. The 2D elements can be created through the regular tools in FreeCAD's GUI. * Macro Rectellipse: creates a parametric rectellipse
  • Macro Draft Circle 3 Points.png Macro_Make_Circle_3_Points: creates a circle on 3 selected points, the points can be objects (this example brings together the two examples below, all parameters simply settle on a graphic window).
  • Macro Draft Circle 3 Points.png Macro_Draft_Circle_3_Points: creates a circle from 3 selected points 2D orthogonal
  • Macro Draft Circle 3 Points.png Macro_Draft_Circle_3_Points_3D: creates a circle from 3 selected points in the space 3D
  • Macro screw_maker1_2: This macro creates a screw with or without thread, according to ISO standards.
  • Macro BOLTS.png Macro BOLTS: The aim of BOLTS is to build a free and open-source standard parts library for CAD applications.