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  • Aliasmanager icon.png Macro Alias Manager: helps managing aliases inside FreeCAD Spreadsheet workbench. It is able to create, delete, move aliases and create a 'part family' group of files.
  • Easy-alias-icon.png Macro EasyAlias: Quickly create aliases in FreeCAD Spreadsheet workbench. It uses the labels from one column to create aliases for adjacent cells in the next column to the right, e.g. labels from Column A become aliases for the cells in Column B.
  • Macro SpreadsheetTools.png Macro Spreadsheet Tools: This macro helps managing cells inside FreeCAD Spreadsheet workbench.
  • Macro FCTreeView.png Macro FCTreeView: Macro for list all objects in the project in one list without hierarchy, options sort by name, label, visibility, group, by length option search by name, label .... without case sensitive or with case sensitive and select all objects displayed in the macro window.
  • Macro FCSpreadsheet Extract.png Macro FCSpreadSheet Extract: This macro save the data in a csv file with the formula or in a xml file.