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  • Macro makeCube.png Macro Make Cube: creates a rectangular cuboid from 4 points
  • Macro Solid Sweep.png Macro Solid Sweep: creates a solid by sweeping a 2D profile along a trajectory previously selected in the 3D view. The 2D elements can be created through the regular tools in FreeCAD's GUI.
  • Macro Geodesic Dome.svg Macro Geodesic Dome: This macro creates a geodesic dome shell
  • Pyramidicon.svg Macro Pyramid: This macro creates a parametric pyramid. All parameters are customizable just like with Part Cone.
  • Dodecahedron.svg Macro Polyhedrons: This macro creates parametric polyhedrons (dodecahedron, icosahedron, tetrahedron, ...). Customizable via radius or side.
  • Macro Line Length.png Macro Line Length: Create a line giving coordinate XYZ length and angle to plane X Y
  • Macro Cut Line.png Macro Cut Line: Cut a line and create x points, giving the number of points, create line or not, create points or not, create bicolor or not on choice.
  • Macro CirclePlus.png Macro CirclePlus: Create a circle or arc giving radius, diameter, circumference, area, startangle, endangle, arc, anglecenter, cord, arrow, center (point) on choice (same below but with GUI) plus create sector and face.
  • Macro Circle.png Macro Circle: Create a circle or arc giving radius, diameter, circumference, area, startangle, endangle, arc, anglecenter, cord, arrow, center (point) on choice (same above without GUI).
  • Macro Cut Circle.png Macro Cut Circle: Cut a circle or arc and create x arcs, giving the number of cut.
  • Macro Triangle AH.png Macro Triangle AH: This macro create one triangle creates a triangle by giving the head angle and the height of the triangle (the triangle of the head is positioned to the xyz coordinates 0.0)
  • FCTexture.png Macro Texture: Create a project from a bmp image to create a texture easily
  • FCCreaLoft.png Macro Loft: Create a loft with a list of wire (specially created for Macro Texture see above)
  • FCCircularTextButtom.png Macro Circular Text: This macro create a text around a cylinder
  • Macro WireXYZ.png Macro WireXYZ: This macro creates a Wire with the coordinates extracted from a file. The coordinates X Y Z are separated by a space.
  • Macro ReproWire.png Macro Repro Wire: This macro reproduce all element selected subobject wire or face.
  • Part Prism Apothem.svg Macro Apothem Based Prism GUI: A GUI dialog that creates an Apothem, (inradius) Based Prism from user input.
  • FCSpring Helix Variable.png Macro FCSpring Helix Variable: This macro create one spring truncate, the troncature is adjustable on the all coil to choice.
  • FCSpring On Surface.png Macro FCSpring On Surface: This macro create one spring (helix) on the surface of the object (solide).
  • Macro Guitar fretboard.png Macro Guitar fretboard: Guitar Fretboard Maker
  • Macro Guitar Nut.png Macro Guitar Nut: Guitar Nut Maker
  • Cam-groover-icon-32x32.png Macro FCCamGroover: Creates grooved cylinder for cam.
  • Macro Site From Contours.png Macro Site From Contours: creates an Arch Site from a series of contour lines
  • FCHoneycombMakerIcon.png Macro FCHoneycombMaker: Creates parametric honeycomb grid.