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  • Editor Assistant Icon.svg Macro Editor Assistant: extends the capabilities of FreeCAD's integrated Python editor.
  • Macro MessageBox.png Macro MessageBox: shows how to give information to the user through the GUI.
  • MEPlan.png Qt Example: example of using Qt commands, their connections, extraction and data assignment.
  • Macro Python Assistant Window.png Macro Python Assistant Window: This macro provides a cut/copy/paste workspace for Python code, it is segmented so different sections can be selected and it is persistent between FreeCAD sessions.
  • Macro Build Utility.png Macro Build Utility: This macro provides a utility to assemble a project from sub-project files using the Merge Project facility.
  • Macro Global Variable Watcher.png Macro Global Variable Watcher: This macro facilitates the user selecting global variables and monitoring their values.
  • Macro clone explicit.png Macro clone explicit: creates a copy of each selected object and sets its properties to an expression linking to the original object, making it an explicit and editable clone.
  • Text-x-python.png scanObjects: inspection tool for FreeCAD macro development and project debug.