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Name Description
Scaling factor All dimensions in the file will be scaled with the specified factor
Mesher Sets the meshing program that should be used. If using Netgen, make sure that it is available. This can be checked by using the Mesh module and creating a mesh using Netgen. If it is not available another version of FreeCAD, compiled with Netgen, must be installed.
Tessellation The tessellation value to use with the Builtin and the Mefisto meshing program.
Grading The grading value to use for meshing using Netgen. This value describes how fast the mesh size decreases. The gradient of the local mesh size h(x) is bounded by |Δh(x)| ≤ 1/value.
Segments per edge The maximum number of segments per edge
Segments per radius The number of segments per radius
Second order Allow a second order mesh
Optimize Allows optimization
Allow quads Allow quadrilateral faces