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There are a lot of different ways to help, even if you are not a programmer. Here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Give some feedback to the FreeCAD developers: It is always useful to know what people think, what they found good, what they miss, etc. Drop a note on the forum giving your opinion or make a request on our issue tracker!
  • Help with writing documentation: The documentation we have here on this site is sometimes very limited. If you discovered something that is not well documented, add your knowledge there!
  • Help others newcomers: Hang around the forum, and help new people to solve basic questions, like how do I install, how do I add a cube, etc.
  • Translate the documentation into your own language
  • Translate FreeCAD into your own language
  • Write Tutorials, or record video tutorials: Tutorials are a very easy way for newcomers to learn a new software. If you did some nice stuff, why not show other people how to do it?
  • Contribute with assets and examples: We are still missing good example files in FreeCAD. If you created something good, share it with us!
  • Submit bugs: It is very important to have all possible bugs fixed. If you find one, report it as clearly as possible, so we can understand exactly what's happening.
  • Try to do some python coding: You never programmed before but you want to try? Python is easy. Read our introduction to Python, but beware, you might get addicted quickly!
  • See the Help FreeCAD page for more details on how to contribute.