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  • Press A or the Draft FinishLine.svg Finish button to finish the curve, leaving it open.
  • Press O or the Draft CloseLine.svg Close button to close the curve, that is, a segment will be added from the last point to the first one to form a face. At least four points, a curve of degree three, are required to form a face.
  • Press W or the Draft Wipe.svg Wipe button to remove the curve segments already placed, but keep editing the curve from the last point.
  • Press U or the Draft SelectPlane.svg Set WP button to adjust the current working plane in the orientation of the last point.
  • Press X, Y or Z after a point to constrain the next point on the given axis.
  • To enter coordinates manually, simply enter the numbers, then press Enter between each X, Y and Z component.
  • Press R or click the checkbox to toggle relative mode. If relative mode is on, the coordinates of the next point are relative to the last one; if not, they are absolute, taken from the origin (0,0,0).
  • Press T or click the checkbox to toggle continue mode. If continue mode is on, the BezCurve tool will restart after you finish the curve, allowing you to draw another one without pressing the tool button again.
  • Press L or click the checkbox to toggle filled mode. If filled mode is on, a closed wire will create a filled face (DataMake Face True); if not, the closed wire will not make a face (DataMake Face False).
Note: the curve should not be filled if it intersects itself, as it won't create a proper face. If the curve is filled but no shape is visible, manually set DataMake Face to False to see the curve.
  • Hold Ctrl while drawing to force snapping your point to the nearest snap location, independently of the distance.
  • Hold Shift while drawing to constrain your next point horizontally or vertically in relation to the last one.
  • Press Ctrl+Z or press the Draft UndoLine.svg Undo button to undo the last point.
  • Press Esc or the Close button to abort the current command; curve segments already placed will remain.