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In February 2022 FreeCAD bug tracking was migrated to GitHub Issues. The Mantis bug tracker described below is now in read-only mode.
link= is the bugtracker framework FreeCAD uses

The FreeCAD BugTracker is the place toː report bugs, submit feature requests, patches, or request to merge your branch if you developed something using Git. The tracker is divided into 'Workbenches', so please be specific and file your request in the appropriate subsection. In case of doubt, leave it in the "FreeCAD" section.

Recommended Workflow


As shown in the above flowchart, before creating tickets, please always first search the forums and bugtracker to discover if your issue is a known issue. This saves a lot of time/work for developers and volunteers that could be spending said time making FreeCAD even more awesome.

Reportando errores

Si piensas que podrías haber encontrado un error, te invitamos a que lo informes allí. Pero antes de informar de un error, por favor, comprueba los elementos siguientes:

  • Asegúrate de que tu error es realmente un bug, es decir, algo que debería estar trabajando y que no está funcionando. Si no estás seguro, no dudes en explicar tu problema en el foro y pregunta qué hacer.
  • Antes de enviar cualquier cosa, lee las FAQ - Preguntas más frecuentes, haz una búsqueda en el foro, y asegúrate de que el mismo error no se ha informado antes, haciendo una búsqueda en el bug tracker.
  • Describe lo más claramente posible el problema, y cómo puede ser reproducido. Si no podemos verificar el error, puede que no seamos capaces de solucionarlo.
  • Incluye la siguiente información: Tu sistema operativo, si es 32 o 64 bits, y la versión de FreeCAD que estás ejecutando.
  • Por favor presenta un informe por separado para cada error.
  • Si estás en un sistema linux y tu error provoca un cuelgue en FreeCAD, puedes intentar ejecutar un backtrace debug: Desde un terminal ejecuta gdb freecad (suponiendo que el paquete gdb esté instalado), entonces, dentro de gdb, escribe run. FreeCAD se ejecutará. Después de que se produzca el fallo, teclea bt, para obtener el trazado completo. Incluye la salida del backtrace en tu informe de error.

Solicitar funcionalidades

Si quieres que aparezca algo en FreeCAD que aún no está implementado, no se trata de un error, sino una solicitud de funcionalidad. También puedes notificarlo en el mismo tracker (lo archivas como una petición de función, en lugar de errores), pero ten en cuenta que no hay garantías de que tus deseos se cumplan.

  1. IMPORTANTː Before requesting a potential Feature Request please be certain that you are the first one doing so by searching the forums and the bugtracker. If you have concluded that there are no pre-existing tickets/discussions the next step is toː
  2. Start a forum thread to discuss your feature request with the community via the Open Discussion forum.
  3. Once the community agrees that this is a valid Feature, you then can open a ticket on the tracker (file it under feature request instead of bug).
  • NOTE #1 To keep things organized please remember to link the forum thread URL into the ticket and the ticket number (as a link) in to the forum thread.
  • NOTE #2 Keep in mind there are no guarantees that your wish will be fulfilled.
FreeCAD Bugtracker report page - use the dropdown to correctly designate what the ticket is

Envío de parches

En caso de haber programado la corrección de un error, una extensión o algo que puede ser de uso público en FreeCAD, crea un parche con la herramienta Subversion diff y preséntalo en el mismo tracker (lo archivas como parche).

Requesting merge

(Same guidelines as Submiting patches)

If you have created a git branch containing changes that you would like to see merged into the FreeCAD code, you can ask there to have your branch reviewed and merged if the FreeCAD developers are OK with it. You must first publish your branch to a public git repository (github, gitlab, bitbucket, sourceforge etc...) and then give the URL of your branch in your merge request.

MantisBT Tips and Tricks

MantisBT Markup

MantisBT (Mantis Bug Tracker) has it's own unique markup.

  • @mention - works just like on GitHub where if you prepend '@' to someone's username they will receive an email that they have been 'mentioned' in a ticket thread
  • #1234 - By adding a hash tag in front of a number a shortcut to link to another ticket within MantisBT will present.
    Note: if you hover over a ticket it will show you the summary + if the ticket is closed, it will be struck-through like #1234.
  • ~5678 - a shortcut that links to a bug note within a ticket. This can be used to reference someone's response within the thread. Each person that posts will show a unique ~#### number next to their username. If you look at the image in the example, you see that the shortcut is referencing the ticket number:comment number of said ticket
  • <del></del> - Using these tags will strikeout text.
  • <code></code> - To present a line or block of code, use this tag and it will colorize and differentiate it elegantly.

MantisBT BBCode

In addition to the above MantisBT Markup one also has the possibility to use BBCode format. For a comprehensive list see the BBCode plus plugin page. Here is a list of supported BBCode tagsː
[img][/img] - Images
[url][/url] - Links
[email][/email] - Email addresses
[color=red][/color] - Colored text
[highlight=yellow][/highlight] - Highlighted text
[size][/size] - Font size
[list][/list] - Lists
[list=1][/list] - Numbered lists (number is starting number)
[*] - List items
[b][/b] - Bold
[u][/u] - underline
[i][/i] - Italic
[s][/s] - Strikethrough
[left][/left] - Left align
[center][/center] - Center
[right][/right] - Right align
[justify][/justify] - Justify
[hr] - Horizontal rule
[sub][/sub] - Subscript
[sup][/sup] - Superscript
[table][/table] - Table
[table=1][/table] - Table with border of specified width
[tr][/tr] - Table row
[td][/td] - Table column
[code][/code] - Code block
[code=sql][/code] - Code block with language definition
[code start=3][/code] - Code block with line numbers starting at number
[quote][/quote] - Quote by *someone* (no name)
[quote=name][/quote] - Quote by *name*

MantisBT <=> GitHub Markup

Below are special MantisBT Source-Integration plugin keywords which will link to the FreeCAD GitHub repo. See GitHub and MantisBT.

  • c:FreeCAD:git commit hash: - c stands for 'commit'. FreeCAD stands for the FreeCAD GitHub repo. 'git commit hash' is the specific git commit hash to reference. Note: the trailing colon is necessary. Exampleː cːFreeCADː709d2f325db0490016807b8fa6f49d1c867b6bd8ː
  • d:FreeCAD:git commit hash: - similar to the above, d stands for 'diff' which will provide a Diff view of the commit. Exampleː dːFreeCADː709d2f325db0490016807b8fa6f49d1c867b6bd8ː
  • p:FreeCAD:pullrequest: - similar to the above, p stands for Pull Request. Exampleː pːFreeCADː498ː

GitHub and MantisBT

The FreeCAD bugtracker has a plug-in called Source Integration which essentially ties both the FreeCAD GitHub repo to our MantisBT tracker. It makes it easier to track and associate git commits with their respective MantisBT tickets. The Source Integration plugin scans the git commit messages for specific keywords in order to execute the following actions:

Note The below keywords need to be added in the git commit message and not the PR subject

Remotely referencing a ticket

Using this pattern will automagically associate a git commit to a ticket (Note: this will not close the ticket.) The format MantisBT will recognize:

  • bug #1234
  • bugs #1234, #5678
  • issue #1234
  • issues #1234, #5678
  • report #1234
  • reports #1234, #5678

For the inquisitive here is the regex MantisBT uses for this operation:

Remotely resolving a ticket

The format MantisBT will recognize:

  • fix #1234
  • fixed #1234
  • fixes #1234
  • fixed #1234, #5678
  • fixes #1234, #5678
  • resolve #1234
  • resolved #1234
  • resolves #1234
  • resolved #1234, #5678
  • resolves #1234, #5678

For the inquisitive here is the regex MantisBT uses for this operation:


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