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Official icon not found {{{Name}}}

Emplacement du menu
Raccourci par défaut
Introduit dans la version
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Ce modèle est l'outil principal pour documenter les commandes de l'interface graphique. Il doit être inséré à la toute première ligne des pages de commande, après les balises <languages/> et <translate>.

SampleCommand.png SampleCommand

Menu location
Menu → Command
Wb1, Wb2
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also

|MenuLocation=Menu → Command
|Workbenches=Wb1, Wb2

Les paramètres obligatoires sont :

|MenuLocation=Menu → Command
|Workbenches=Wb1, Wb2

Les autres paramètres peuvent être omis, ou leur valeur laissée vide.

Required parameters

Parameters are specified with its value after the equals sign, parameter=value.

Each parameter in the list is separated by a pipe symbol |.

|... |Name=SampleCommand|MenuLocation=Menu → Command| ...

Parameters can be placed in the same line, or each in a separate line.

|MenuLocation=Menu → Command
| ...

The following parameters are required.

The properly capitalized name of the command to be documented.
The name is used to retrieve the icon graphic Name.svg or Name.png from the wiki repository. The template works properly if the icon does not exist; in this case, a generic icon NoIconFound.png is displayed.
The location of the command in the FreeCAD menu structure. Please use the proper right arrow symbol (→) rather than ->.
One or more workbenches in FreeCAD that the command and icon can be found on. It should be an internal link to the workbench page, used like this:
[[Part Workbench|Part]]

The portion left of the pipe | is the page name, and the portion to the right is the displayed text. This example will display as Part.

Optional Parameters

The following parameters are optional. If they are not included in the template, they will default to a value of None, and to a dash (-) for the Version parameter.

The default keyboard shortcut to launch the command in FreeCAD, for example, Shortcut=A B.
Optional links to other related commands, for example, SeeAlso=[[Some Tool|Tool]].
An image file different from Name.svg or Name.png to use as icon. This can be used to include a specific icon that is not named after the command, for example, Icon=Some_other_name.svg
If Empty=1 no icon is displayed. This is done to document commands that don't have an icon, for example, commands from menus, and functions that can't be accessed from the graphical user interface.
The FreeCAD version number in which the command was first introduced, for example, Version=0.17. There is no need to add the specific revision number, only the major version. Use this parameter for all new commands included in the documentation.


The code required for this template is different if you are using a localized version. For more information see the Localization page.

First, a localized version of this template must exist or be created.

The localized template must be named:


where /AA is the 2 letter code for the desired language, for example /fr indicates French. This are the ISO 639-1 language codes, not country codes.

The method for calling the localized GuiCommand template is:

|Name/AA=SampleCommand (translated)
|MenuLocation=Menu → Commande...
|Workbenches=Wb1, Wb2

In the example above the Name parameter is critical. Name=SampleCommand allows the correct icon file to be displayed; Name/AA=SampleCommand (translated) displays the correct localized version of the command documentation.

Some templates: fr, it, es, pt, pt-br, de, pl, ro, bg, cs, sk, sr, hr, ru, kk, sv, no, da, fi, nl, el, hu, tr, uk, id, ja, ko, zh, zh-cn, zw-th

GuiCommand model

For a complete example of how to document a GuiCommand, see GuiCommand model.