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This template is now obsolete and is directly include in the original page

Narzędzia do tworzenia, konfigurowania i eksportowania arkuszy rysunków 2D

  • Drawing New.png Open scalable vector graphic: Opens a drawing sheet previously saved as an SVG file
  • Drawing Landscape A3.png New A3 landscape drawing: Creates a new drawing sheet from FreeCAD's default A3 template
  • Drawing View.png Insert a view: Inserts a view of the selected object in the active drawing sheet
  • Drawing Annotation.png Annotation: Adds an annotation to the current drawing sheet
  • Drawing Clip.png Clip: Adds a clip group to the current drawing sheet
  • Drawing Openbrowser.png Open Browser: Opens a preview of the current sheet in the browser
  • Drawing Orthoviews.png Ortho Views: Automatically creates orthographic views of an object on the current drawing sheet
  • Drawing Symbol.png Symbol: Adds the contents of a SVG file as a symbol on the current drawing sheet
  • Drawing Save.png Save sheet: Saves the current sheet as a SVG file