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Workbench TechDraw.svg TechDraw 工作台被用来从来自其他工作台(比如Part, PartDesign, 或 Arch)创建的 或 从其他应用程序导入的3D模型生成基本的技术图纸。每张图纸是一页,可以包含可绘制对象(比如Part::Features, PartDesign::Bodies, App::Part groups 和文档对象组)的各种视图。得到的图纸可被用于诸如文档、制造说明、合同、许可等。

尺寸标注、剖面、填充区、注解和SVG符号都可以加到图纸中,而这些又可以进一步导出到不同的格式,如 DXF, SVG, PDF.

TechDraw 自从版本0.17就正式包含在FreeCAD中;他是被用来代替不被支持的Drawing 工作台的。这两个工作台在v0.17中都被提供,但Drawing 工作台可能在将来的版本中被移除。要了解TechDraw的计划和发展,请访问TechDraw 路线图

如果你的主要目标是产生复杂的2D图纸和DXF文件,并且不需要3D建模,FreeCAD可能不是正确的选择。你应该考虑一个用于绘制工程草图的专门的软件,如 LibreCADQCad.

TechDraw Workbench Example.png




These are tools for creating View objects.


These are tools to create and manage Clip objects (clipped views).


These are tools to decorate pages or views:


These are tools for creating and working with Dimension objects.

Linear dimensions can be based on two points, on one line, or on two lines.


The annotation tools are for "marking up" a drawing with additional information.


These are tools to improve your TechDraw drawings.

Attributes and modifications

Centerlines and threading



These are tools for exporting pages to other applications.

Additional features


  • Preferences-techdraw.svg Preferences: preferences for the default values of the drawing page such as projection angle, colors, text sizes, and line styles.


The TechDraw tools can be used in macros and from the Python console by using two APIs.


  • TechDraw drawings and its API are not interchangeable with the Drawing Workbench and its API. It is possible to convert Drawing Pages to TechDraw Pages using a Python script (
  • It is possible to have both TechDraw and Drawing Pages in the same FreeCAD document, as each page is completely independent from each other.
  • There are minor differences in specifying editable texts in SVG templates compared to the Drawing module. In TechDraw the scaling of the SVG document affects the position of the editable text fields. See the forum discussion TechDraw templates scale for more details.
  • Do not cut, copy and paste TechDraw objects in the Tree view as this generally does not work out well.
  • Do not drag TechDraw objects in the Tree view with the mouse.


A "few" added lines of code result in a tool like the Macro TemplateHelper.

Video tutorials by sliptonic