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The TechDraw Workbench was introduced officially as part of FreeCAD in version 0.17.

Here is a rough roadmap of areas to be addressed in the future (in no particular order).

Current Activity

  • v0.20 release preparation - linux display problems 6698


These items have working code in the development environment and will be implemented early in the v0.21 development cycle.

  • Navigation modes
  • New face detection algorithm
  • PrintAll function
  • Bitmap hatching 6582
  • Extension line gaps 6774
  • Section dialog live/deferred update option
  • Convert all templates to "plain svg"
  • View stacking order 6012

These items have semi-working code or are well defined and will be implemented at some point in the v0.21 cycle.

  • Projection group dialog upgrade including live/deferred update option
  • Expanded dimension dialog that includes ability to update 2d and 3d references. Possible retirement of current "Link Dimension" function.
  • Ability to specify file preferences as relative paths 6707

These items are expected to be in v0.21, but have not been analyzed in detail.

  • ability to specify units by dimension or page instead of system wide.
  • weld symbol upgrades including ISO/AWS symbology and help text 6313

These items are candidates for v0.21, but require investigation

  • ordinate dimensions 6587
  • broken view 5694
  • improved handling of Draft/Arch objects
  • include sketcher points in drawings

There are a number of smaller feature requests that will probably be implemented in v0.21, possibly as macros.