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This command exists up to version 0.18. Starting from version 0.19 it is replaced by TechDraw ArchView

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TechDraw NewArch.png TechDraw NewArch

Menu location
TechDraw → ArchView
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Arch Workbench, Arch SectionPlane


The ArchView tool inserts a view of an Arch SectionPlane.svg Arch SectionPlane on a TechDraw page.

TechDraw Arch example.jpg


  1. Select an Arch section plane in the 3D view or in the tree
  2. If you have multiple drawing pages in your document, you will need to select the desired page in the tree.
  3. Press the Techdraw-arch-view.png ArchView button
  4. A view of the objects seen by the section plane will appear on the page.


The ArchView is rendered within the Arch Workbench, therefore TechDraw has limited control over its appearance. You may need to make changes within Arch to get the representation you want.


  • The Arch View is rendered by the Arch Module, the same way as in the Drawing Workbench. See Notes.
  • Draft Dimensions, Draft Texts and any other 2D (Sketch or Draft) object considered by the section plane is rendered "as is" (no intersection or hidden lines) on top of the solid geometry
  • The volume of Arch Spaces is not rendered, only the label will be rendered
  • Cut lines, projected lines (if Show Hidden property is set to True) and 2D lines above can be rendered with different line widths. This can be configured in the Arch preferences.
  • The ArchView has two rendering modes: Wireframe, which uses the OpenCasCade algorithms of the Drawing Module, is fast and produces only lines (no face fill possible), and Solid, which is based on the Painter's algorithm, and is capable of rendering faces filled with their shape color. However, it is much slower and can fail in many situations. The image below illustrates the difference between the two rendering modes:

TechDraw Arch rendering.jpg

  • Only the base line of Arch Pipes is rendered, not the full volume of the tube:

TechDraw Arch piping.jpg


  • DataSource: The section plane object to be displayed
  • DataAll On: If hidden objects must be shown or not. If False, only objects that are visible in the 3D view are rendered
  • DataRender Mode: The render mode to use, Solid or Wireframe
  • DataShow Hidden: If the hidden geometry (the part of the goemetry that lies behind the section plane) is shown or not. It will be rendered in dashed line, which can be configured in the Arch preferences.
  • DataShow Fill: If cut areas must be filled with a grey color or not
  • DataLine Width: The width of the main lines. Cut lines and projected/2D line widths ratios can be configured in the Arch preferences
  • DataFont Size: The size of all texts that appear in this view


See also: TechDraw API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

The New Arch tool can be used in macros and from the Python console by using the following functions:

dv = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject('TechDraw::DrawViewArch','TestArch')
dv.Source = mySectionPlane
rc = page.addView(dv)

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