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LineGroups are used to control the appearance of various types of lines.

Customizing LineGroups

If you have write permission you can edit LineGroup.csv to add your own LineGroups.

This file is usually in:


Where $INSTALL_DIR is the directory where FreeCAD was installed, for example


You can specify your favorite defaults in the TechDraw Preferences.

LineGroup File Path

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\FreeCAD\data\Mod\TechDraw\LineGroup\
  • Mac: /Applications/
  • Linux: /usr/share/freecad/Mod/TechDraw/LineGroup/
    • freecad-daily PPA: /usr/share/freecad-daily/Mod/TechDraw/LineGroup/

Note: A new preference has been added to allow you to use your own personal LineGroup file.

;FreeCAD LineGroup Definitions
;Format: *GroupName,thin,graphic,thick,extra
;thin: hidden lines
;graphic: dimensions, centerlines
;thick: visible lines
;extra: not implemented
*FC 0.25mm,0.13,0.18,0.25,0.50
*FC 0.35mm,0.18,0.25,0.35,0.70
*FC 0.50mm,0.25,0.35,0.50,1.0
*FC 0.70mm,0.35,0.50,0.70,1.4
*FC 1.00mm,0.50,0.70,1.00,2.00


  • The LineGroup name (ex FC 0.25mm) must be entered exactly as specified in the CSV file.
  • Line width in TechDraw is always specified in mm, even when using other unit systems.