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This page provide a collection of hints and little guides on using the Workbench TechDraw.svg TechDraw Workbench. Adding new findings and best practices is encouraged.

Enable/Disable Centermarks

When the centermarks are disabled hole centers and similar things can not be dimensioned. The centermarks are rendered as a little cross.

  • Select the view port (e.g. "Front")
  • In the property panel, 'View Tab set the value Arc Center Marks to true

Note in this tab are other settings for the view that might be useful.

Toggle View Frame and Vertex dots

See here for switching them on and off and more information.

Curved edges as input to linear dimensions

Curved edges are accepted as input to linear dimensions. See this forum thread


Show metric and imperial dimensions at the same time

It is possible to show metric and imperial decimal dimensions at the same time. See this forum thread

Imperiale decimale.png

Dimensioning in case of oriented holes

Two use cases. See this forum thread.

See also Measurement Of Angles On Holes

Dimension-hole.png Dimension-hole angles.png