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TechDraw ExtensionShortenLine.svg TechDraw ExtensionShortenLine

Menu location
TechDraw → Extensions: Attributes/Modifications → Shorten line
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
TechDraw ExtensionExtendLine


The TechDraw ExtensionShortenLine.svg TechDraw ExtensionShortenLine tool shortens a line created with the Extensions tools at both ends.

TechDraw ExtensionShortenLineExample.png

On the right a centerline shortened at both ends


  1. The reduction is determined by the Delta distance box in the TechDraw ExtensionSelectLineAttributes.svg TechDraw ExtensionSelectLineAttributes tool.
  2. The line is shortened at both ends.
  3. Select a single straight (center)line created with the Extensions tools.
  4. There are several ways to invoke the tool:
    • Press the TechDraw ExtensionShortenLine.svg TechDraw ExtensionShortenLine button.
    • Select the TechDraw → Extensions: Attributes/Modifications → TechDraw ExtensionShortenLine.svg Shorten line option from the menu.
  5. The line is shortened at both ends.