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TechDraw Balloon.svg TechDraw Balloon

Menu location
TechDraw → Balloon
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TechDraw New annotation


The Balloon tool can add balloons with leader line in a drawing.

Techdraw balloon.png


  1. Select the View to which the Balloon will be attached.
  2. Press the TechDraw Balloon.svg Balloon button.
  3. The cursor is now displayed as a balloon icon. Click on the page to place the balloon origin to the desired position.
  4. The balloon bubble may be dragged to the desired position. Use Ctrl+drag to move the bubble and the arrow.
  5. To change the balloon properties either double-clicking onto it in the drawing or double-click on the balloon object in the model tree. This will open the balloon dialog.

Note: The position of the balloon is relative to the View and uses the same scale factor than the View.

Using separators

When using a rectangle shape, separators can be added using "|" in the text. For example "AAA|TEST|111" gives:

Balloon separator.png



  • DataText: Text to be displayed.
  • DataSource View: Source View for the balloon.
  • DataOrigin X: Balloon origin x-position relative to the View.
  • DataOrigin Y: Balloon origin y-position relative to the View.
  • DataEnd Type: End symbol for the balloon line. Options: Arrownone.svg None, Arrowfilled.svg Filled Arrow, Arrowopen.svg Open Arrow, Arrowtick.svg Tick, Arrowdot.svg Dot, Arrowopendot.svg Open Circle, Arrowfork.svg Fork, Arrowpyramid.svg Filled Triangle
  • DataEnd Type Scale: Scale factor for the End Type.
  • DataBubble Shape: Shape of the balloon bubble. Options: Circular.svg Circular, None, Triangle.svg Triangle, Inspection.svg Inspection, Hexagon.svg Hexagon, TechDraw Square.svg Square, Rectangle.svg Rectangle
  • DataShape Scale: Scale factor for the Shape.
  • DataText Wrap: Text wrap length; -1 means the text will never be wrapped and the result is in every case a single line.
  • DataKink Length: Distance from the Shape to the leader line kink.
  • DataX: Horizontal position of the balloon bubble relative to the View.
  • DataY: Vertical position of the balloon bubble relative to the View.


  • ViewColor: Color of the balloon text.
  • ViewFont: The name of the font to use for the balloon bubble.
  • ViewFontsize: Dimension text size in mm.
  • ViewLine Visible: Whether the balloon line is visible.
  • ViewLine Width: Balloon line width


See also: TechDraw API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

The Balloon tool can be used in macros and from the Python console by using the following functions:

bal1 = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject('TechDraw::DrawViewBalloon','Balloon')
rc = page.addView(bal1)