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This page is a gathering point for converting old freecad icons to the tango style.

Here is a list of all freecad commands that need an icon, then see what's available on the Tango Project. Then we can make a list of needed new icons, and start drawing!

A good but not complete list of tango icons here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Tango_icons

Still have to check Inkscape tango icon theme, there might be many icons that can be used for FreeCAD




Standard views

Freeze Display

  • Save view - TODO
  • Load view - TODO
  • Freeze view - TODO
  • Clear view - TODO

3D View

  • Stereo red/green - TODO
  • Stereo quad buffer - TODO
  • Stereo interleaved rows - TODO
  • Stereo interleaved columns - TODO
  • Stereo Off - TODO
  • Issue camera position - Camera-photo (tango)


Display mode

  • Docked - TODO
  • Undocked - TODO
  • Fullscreen - TODO



  • Close
  • Close all
  • Next
  • Previous
  • Tile
  • Cascade
  • Arrange icons
  • Windows...


Tree view

  • Document
  • Mesh
  • Part
  • Scenegraph