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In der Überschrift wird der Gegenstand "Module" genannt, im einleitenden Text kommt stattdessen "workbench" vor. Ich nehme an, dass es sich um Synonyme handelt und schlage deshalb vor, nur einen Begriff zu gebrauchen (schafft Platz im Kopf). Da Modul ein alltägliches Allerweltswort ist, empfehle ich "workbench", wobei ich aber im Deutchen "Arbeitsbereich " oder "Werkzeugset" sagen würde. Siehe z.B.

mfGn holdi

This has already been discussed, but it has never been solved! Perhaps this is the right time. Since the translation must faithfully follow the original English version, you should ask the question in the Wiki

If we can make a final decision, for example, Module in the title and WB when we talk about the tools it offers, then I can make corrections. See as a model that I think is the valid one.

Thank you. Renato

Renato, I can't follow you. What you recomment at the end is I am against what .

greetings holdi

Of course, it's the opposite of what you ask, if I understand correctly. But this is what is indicated in

"Note that sometimes a Workbench is referred to as a Module. However, Workbenches and Modules are different entities. A Module is any extension of FreeCAD, while a Workbench is a special GUI configuration that groups some toolbars and menus. Usually every Module contains its own Workbench, hence the cross-use of the name. "

What I would like to eliminate is the cross-use of names. To avoid confusion. It does not matter with which solution.

Now some pages are called Modules, other pages are called WB.

When we talk about the tools, sometimes we use Module, other times we use WB. This confuses the reader.

January 7th, an update in