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"Moves a sketcher element, changing its pivot constraint."

I do not understand what is meant by "changing its pivot constraint"?

- NormandC

Well, maybe it´s not the proper wording.

I could have written "main" or "primary" constraint . If you move a circle, it will change the center to the new vertex, not the radius so i ment the circle´s center as "pivot" constaint, the radius io see as less important constraint.. If you know a proper word, then please feel free to change .. you know, english is not my mother language...but i try my best...


most significant constraint ?


Good Point.. I am not into the underlying graphics and their nomenclature there. But it´s allways the same constraint , regardless where you click the object ( for instance a line ) that moves, never the other endpoint. i think , it´s the fiorst one created deep inside.. I would be okay with that change....