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Installation Report on Linux using Crossover Office

The installation was successfully completed on a Vaio PCG-R505GCP running Fedora Core 3, and CXOffice 5.0.1. This was accomplished by running msiexec from the CXOffice command line. For example, assuming the FreeCAD<version>.msi is in your home directory software/Windows directory, and your home directory is mapped to Y: in CXOffice, the commandline was msiexec /i y:\\software\\Windows\\FreeCAD<version>.msi.

This appears to execute to completion, and it is possible to then run FreeCAD. However, if a model is created or opened, the display disappeared and became unusable. This may be similar to the problem that some wine users are having with Googles Sketchup program and is possibly due to an OpenGL/DirectX issue. --, 05:10, Dez 8., 2006

Hi, I think thats the problem. As you can imaging we very dependend on OpenGL and never testet it with a Software emulation... Anyway, you can question the use of a 3D program if you dont have a hardware acceleration. --Pilotfish 09:31, 11 December 2006 (CET)