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Nice idea

I think the idea is very good. I see two main problems: 1) this will require maintenance in the long haul (script to maintain functioning, even if the wiki goes on another server, or new version of the wiki, dedicated person to make sure everything works at each release, etc...) and there is a fair risk that such a system would fall into disuse after some time, and 2) the way to communicate errors in FreeCAD is far from harmonized at the moment, some tools pop up a message box, other write in the status bar, other in the output view, etc. It'll be a hard work to make all this adopt a common behavior. My opinion would be to try to simplify the system so it requires less maintenance after it is running (ie. make it easier for the developers to use and take care of the corresponding wiki page themselves), and build up a plan to address the mess in the current output messages first. Maybe build a test case too? --Yorik (talk) 05:24, 9 August 2014 (CEST)