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Std WhatsThis.svg Std WhatsThis

Menu location
Help → What's This?
Default shortcut
Shift + F1
Introduced in version
See also
Std Online Help


Acest instrument oferă informații despre o comandă selectată prin deschiderea modului offline. Help documentation în pagina corespunzătoare.

Cum se folosește

  1. Apăsați butonul Std WhatsThis.png What's This? .
  2. Faceți clic pe o pictogramă a barei de instrumente sau pe o intrare din meniu.


  • Some commands are not documented, in that case the offline help will open on a blank page and report that the page could not be found.
  • The documentation is based on Qt compiled HTML pages. For it to launch Qt Assistant must be installed.
  • On Debian/Ubuntu and possibly other Linux systems, the offline documentation may need to be installed separately. The package is named freecad-doc, or freecad-daily-doc (for the freecad-daily PPA). See Installing Helpfile.

Read this post to understand how the commands must be named in the code to match the help pages in the wiki.

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